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There’s a Reason
We’re Montana’s Premier Steel Fabricator


Commercial Steel Fabrication:
Experience You Can Count On

As experts in steel applications for commercial buildings, apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, and other institutions, we handle all sizes and types of jobs. From parking structures to office buildings, from grocery stores to post offices, we have the personnel and equipment to safely and efficiently execute your project. We also bring over 90 years of combined experience working directly and collaboratively with general contracting firms, architects and project managers to successfully complete all types of commercial and public construction projects.

A Competitive Price for an Excellent Product

You already know that a steel-framed building with a metal roof system is an exceptional value when compared to other traditional construction methods. Once you’ve decided to go with cost-effective steel for your commercial building, it’s time to choose a company with the capabilities to see your building through to completion. Of course, price is a huge driver in making that decision.

Montana Ironworks believes in quality, and we strive to balance the cost with our customers’ needs to create a lasting value. We provide an exceptional product at a fair price, which leaves our customers with an unprecedented value.

We Love Deadlines—Really!

We know that the sooner you’re able to open your doors, the sooner you’ll kick-start your revenue streams and maximize your return on investment. That’s why our team loves deadlines. We use innovative methodology, technology, and materials to facilitate and expedite the construction process. From the latest project management software to pre-fab construction, we are always looking for ways to streamline our processes.

We’ve executed numerous projects throughout the Northwest, in all types of weather and against tight deadlines. We understand that time is money and we’re just as motivated as you are to complete your commercial construction project on time, no matter what.

Reliable, Qualified, and Professional

Ask any general contractor, architect, or project manager what causes the most headaches during a commercial construction project and they’ll tell you: difficult, unreliable, or under qualified sub-contractors. Our entire team here at Montana Ironworks is committed to quality, on-time work, clear communication, and professionalism at every turn.

We’re in business to make our customers happy. That means we bring our expertise, our flexibility and a healthy dose of good humor to work with us every day. Every member of our team—from the field to the front office—is professional, reliable and qualified to do the job at hand. Want proof? Read some of our client testimonials.

Quality Is at the Forefront of Everything We Do

We understand that commercial buildings must be practical and durable above all else—but that doesn’t mean we throw aesthetics out the window. At Montana Ironworks, we specialize in finding that “sweet spot” where function, durability, ease of maintenance, building code compliance, and aesthetics intersect.

We use quality materials, expert craftsmanship, skilled personnel, and proven processes to deliver on-time, on-budget, high-quality buildings designed specifically to meet each customer’s individual needs. From hotels to parking garages and from corporate offices to churches, we pride ourselves on constructing quality buildings—large and small—in all types of industries.

Steadfast Focus on Safety

Our focus on safety is a cornerstone value at Montana Ironworks. We proactively embrace a strong safety culture, we require our crew to attend regular external and internal training sessions, and we send our team members to any recommended customer-required training. From formalized industry training classes to on-the-job checklists, best practices and safety analyses, we have systems in place to proactively identify and address any potential safety risks.